Support and encourage musicians (instrumentalists and singers) of the Montréal metro.

MusiMétro (MusiMétroMontréal, originally Le regroupement des musiciens du métro de Montréal (RMMM) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to represent musicians of the Montréal metro, to oversee their activities and to defend their interests. It was established by letters patent obtained from the Québec government (Companies Act, R.S.Q, chapter C-38, section 218), on October 19, 2009. It consists of (paid-up) voting members and associate members. An elected board of directors manages its operation.

MusiMétro ensures that members respect the code of conduct and the internal regulations of the association as well as those of Société de transport de Montréal (STM) concerning interactions with commuters, employees and vendors of the metro, with the goal of creating a harmonious and respectful environment for all.

MusiMétro represents and defends the interests of all member musicians in good standing as well as non-members who perform on a regular or occasional basis in STM specified metro stations. The association meets regularly, organizes ongoing activities and promotes the interests and talents of its members through special events.

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