Orange Line
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Montmorency 1 external Draft In Laval
Cartier 1 external closed for construction work. Draft In Laval
Henri-Bourassa 1 external; 1 internal reserved for Étoiles du Métro
Sauvé 1 internal Good Do not play loudly. No musicians allowed between 16h00 and 18h00.
Crémazie 1 internal (currently closed) Good Do not play loudly
Jean-Talon 1 internal, 1 external, 1 reserved for ‘Étoiles du Métro’. 2 int: Good, 1 ext.: Cold
Laurier 1 int. reserved for ‘Étoiles du Métro’. Noisy
Sherbrooke 1 external Drafts Windy
Berri-UQAM 4: 2 ext. and 1 int., 1 int. reserved for ‘Étoiles du Métro’.

St-Denis reserved for ‘Étoiles du Métro’
Longueuil closed for construction work.
Ste Catherine closed for construction work.
Place Dupuis closed for construction work.


3 good, 1 cold St. Catherine exit: cold in winter
Square-Victoria-OACI 3 external 2 good, 1 cold 1 cold in winter
Bonaventure 2 external Both good Do not play too loudly
Lucien-L’Allier 1 external 1 cold Bell Centre
Georges-Vanier 1 internal Very good Good spot
Villa-Maria 1 internal reserved for ‘Les Étoiles du Métro’ A little noisy On mezzanine
Snowdon 1 internal (currently closed) Very good Nice acoustics
Côte-Ste-Catherine 1 external Light draft
Plamondon 1 external Avenue Barclay
Little interest
Namur 1 external Cold in winter
De La Savane 1 external Cold
Du Collège 1 external Good Du Collège exit
Green Line
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Monk 1 external
De L’Église 1 internal; 1 external Cold
Charlevoix 1 external
Westmount Square 1 external Not STM property, permitted with MMMA card
Guy-Concordia 1 internal Warm Noisy
Peel 1 external Good
Place-des-Arts 1 external; 1 reserved for ‘Étoiles du Métro’ De Bleury cold
Beaudry 1 internal Good No musicians between 16h00 and 18h00.
Papineau 1 internal Cold
Frontenac 1 internal Good
Joliette 1 external Good
Assomption 1 external
Cadillac 2 external Cold
Langelier 1 internal; 1 external Both good
Radisson 1 internal Good
Honoré-Beaugrand 1 external Good Draft
Lionel-Groulx NO SPACE For security reasons, no musicians are permitted!
Blue line
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D’Iberville 1 internal; 1 external D’Iberville exit cold Louis-Hébert Avenue exit warm but minimal traffic
Fabre 1 internal Fabre exit warm Minimal traffic
Outremont 1 external Very cold in winter Wiseman – Van Horne
Côte-des-Neiges 1 external Warm

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