Étoiles 2013 auditions


Auditions will take place on 28, 29 and 30 November 2012 , from 16 am to 22 pm at Studio ARTV Place des Arts .

The  » Metro Stars  » program was created to improve the customer experience, improve the musical experience offered by the musician (ne) s in the subway and promote those who will be part of the program.

4 lyres, located at Berri -UQAM station (exit St- Denis ), Jean -Talon (bottom) , Place des Arts (wall Bach) and Laurier ( the new bridge ) are assigned to RMMM and musician (ne) s star Metro selected (s) at hearings , each have their moment of glory on a schedule established by the pool . The schedule will take into account as much as possible the availability of participant (s) .

Costs for hearings are $ 25 for musician (ne) s RMMM members and $ 40 for other musician (ne) s . To participate in the project once selected (s) , the musician (ne) s non- members RMMM will acquire the membership card at a cost of $ 60 for the year without having to go the regular hearing of RMMM (which costs normally $ 40). A $ 50 deposit , refundable at the end of the project will be required by the RMMM when submitting the banner to the return thereof.

To participate in the program, ( a) musician ( not ) must complete the request for hearing and send everything to the RMMM by email lesetoilesdumetrommm@hotmail.ca and before November 23 . You’ll need Foxit Reader , available free on the internet. Please save your application as your name , for example: Melody Desanges.pdf . We’ll print it for you, and you can sign in person the day of the hearing .

Document release responsibility to stm , and a second commitment to the program rules will also sign the day of auditions, you can view them on our website.

Once the registration request received, the RMMM send a registration confirmation email with a request for payment for auditions (non- refundable) .

Participants will have until November 26 11:59 p.m. to send their checks payable to  » The Coalition of Montreal Metro Musicians  » by mail at the following address : The Coalition of Musicians Metro Montreal , 1370 rue Mont- Royal is , CP 83636 , Montreal , Quebec H2X 1Y7 ) .
If payment has not arrived before 26 November 2359 registration will be automatically canceled and the ( a) musician (do ) will be informed ( e ) by email .
No registration and / or payment will be accepted on site the day of auditions.

The musician (ne) s will have 7 to 10 minutes to make, including the installation time . An amplifier and a microphone will be available on site. One room to run is chosen by the ( a) musician (do ) and another by the evaluators from the directory provided in advance by the ( a) musician ( not ) on the request for a hearing . Criteria hearings are available on the website RMMM .

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